How we phished a 20 billion Euro company out of 79% of their passwords

This article originally appeared on, and was featured by Medium, and the Belgian technology publication Data News. Disclaimer: We were asked to do this, encrypted (and salted) the sensitive data, never saw, had or stored any non-encrypted sensitive data, and we had some inside help. We loudly applaud this initiative from this company, security, like punctuation and proper grammar, matters. A leading player in its industry, with a turn-over of an impressive 20 billion Euro annually, asked us to do something special for their IT operations management/InfoSec meetup in Hannover, Germany. Information security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the »

Arduino + NodeJS = Theremin w/ Visualizer

Here at Cloudoki we came up with an idea for our #hackfridays: to make an theremin ♪♫ with an Arduino! So here's how we did it. Arduino Theremin We looked inside our Arduino kit for a while and decided to use an LDR sensor and a piezo to create our theremin. Requirements: Arduino LDR Piezo Resistor Arduino IDE The Circuit So we setup our theremin following the Fritzing circuit above, resulting on the image bellow. Outside #hackfridays ftw The code: int val = 0; const int piezoPin = 6; void setup() { pinMode(piezoPin, OUTPUT); delay(3000); } void loop() { digitalWrite(piezoPin, HIGH); delayMicroseconds(val) »

RethinkDB: first things first

Recently in a new project, one of the project members encouraged me to use RethinkDB, saying that it could be the key solution, mainly because it has a feature called “change feeds”. However I’m very used to using MongoDB for projects that are crucially dependent on denormalized data. Being a bit of a stubborn person, I had my doubts, but decided to give it a try (at least it would be a new toy). RethinkDB is a fully JSON compliant database engine, instead of the BSON format that is used in MongoDB. This could be an advantage because properties »

Interesting npm features and quirks you may not know about

npm is the node package manager. If you are using Node.js, you will have used it and you will be familiar with it, but since it works so well you don't take much thought into it until it doesn't ... which can have a catastrophic effect. There's an interesting tale from Tictail (the perfect npm storm) on such an event. Such tales help keep life interesting but for those that want to keep their sanity I'll go over some of these npm quirks and features you should be aware of and take some time to look into. npm2 vs npm3 »

Internet of Things - make Raspberry PI interact with Slack

About IoT One of the most exciting applications of technology is the possibility of connecting a vast array of devices, assign them unique alias ( like us humans having names ) and allow them to be individuals in a “Machinapolis”, a society of devices. They can talk to each other, ask for things from each other and report stuff back to us human overlords. Thanks to the Internet, communication between each one of these device is made easy. Imagine that you have a fridge capable of scanning its content, learn exactly what products you like to have and in what quantity, and »