The new era in software engineering: API-first Design

Techcrunch just published a great read on our cup of tea: API-centric design and development. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich: "APIs — the rules governing how software programs interact with each other — not user interfaces, will upend software for years to come." This is what we, at Cloudoki, not only advocate, but also build, train teams in and organise workshops/hackathons about. Our presentation slide displays the API as the central HUB for all end-points; be it browser app, mobile app, native or external applications. Up till now, when designing new services or capabilities, the emphasis lied on designing the user interface »

Proud to present: the new DAMn Website

DAMn° is an independent publication, with open-minded views on the interchangeable worlds of design, architecture and art. In making meaningful connections rather than dictating tastes, its approach to storytelling brings editorial content beyond hype or conventional academic debate. As long-time DAMn° readers and fans, we are humble and proud to be the new Digital Strategists of the DAMn° brand, and celebrate our first milestone; the launch of the brand new DAMn° website as a content platform. The set, and achieved goals: A great reading experience on any device Better unlocking of their huge existing content repository DAMn+ for paywalled premium »

A UX Hackathon Guide

We had the pleaure of organising and participating in a hackathon weekend, aimed at improving the UX of Teamleader, a popular SAAS application for CRM, invoicing and project planning. Here's how we approached it, and what I learned. 1. Define your goals clearly. You need to have clear deliverables to work towards during the weekend. Make them as specific as possible, and have a workable scope. Narrow it down. For example: align team on next big UX leap build a responsive prototype as base for next version a) It makes sure you get stuff done b) Guards that you don't »