Arduino + NodeJS = Theremin w/ Visualizer

Here at Cloudoki we came up with an idea for our #hackfridays: to make an theremin ♪♫ with an Arduino! So here's how we did it. Arduino Theremin We looked inside our Arduino kit for a while and decided to use an LDR sensor and a piezo to create our theremin. Requirements: Arduino LDR Piezo Resistor Arduino IDE The Circuit So we setup our theremin following the Fritzing circuit above, resulting on the image bellow. Outside #hackfridays ftw The code: int val = 0; const int piezoPin = 6; void setup() { pinMode(piezoPin, OUTPUT); delay(3000); } void loop() { digitalWrite(piezoPin, HIGH); delayMicroseconds(val) »

Image Detection/Tracking in Mobile (iOS & Android)

The challenge Detect when a target is visible, or not, in the device camera and show the camera feed preview in the application background. Preferably use something that would work with an hybrid mobile application, like Ionic, or if nothing is found go native. TL;DR Implemented a plugin for Cordova (iOS and Android) and used OpenCV as the library of choice. If you are in the search for an image detection/tracking library I recommend you use OpenCV, for most image processing challenges OpenCV does the trick. Requirements For requirements we had to find a library that allowed image »