Interesting npm features and quirks you may not know about

npm is the node package manager. If you are using Node.js, you will have used it and you will be familiar with it, but since it works so well you don't take much thought into it until it doesn't ... which can have a catastrophic effect. There's an interesting tale from Tictail (the perfect npm storm) on such an event. Such tales help keep life interesting but for those that want to keep their sanity I'll go over some of these npm quirks and features you should be aware of and take some time to look into. npm2 vs npm3 »

Going native with React Native

During a few HackFridays we've experimented with React Native by building a voting app. MuchVote, SuchRate by Donderlab (Source Code, Website, App Store, Google Play) Here it is our take on React Native. What is React Native Instead of trying to accomplish the impossible "write once, run anywhere", React Native's promise is that you "Learn once, write anywhere", you can use the experience you have building great user interfaces from the web to mobile. But you will still need different code bases for each platform. You may have components that can be reused directly and others that are platform specific. »

Event logging with ElasticSearch

There is a lot of web analytics services available which have great products and you will most likely be well served using them. However if you are interested in building your own web analytics you can now use a little tool (elastic-event-js) we made to dispatch and query events on the browser to an ElasticSearch server through its REST API. There's an official client library elasticsearch-js but our tool will manage for you a log of events and save them in bulk to the server from time to time. It will also save on unload of the window (when the »

Grow your Backbone App without going insane

Backbone's philosophy consists in finding the balance between giving structure to your data and remaining a flexible tool. That is what makes Backbone great, but in order to grow your application you will need to lay down the law and start stacking bricks. Decoupling your application When looking at a larger program in its entirety, individual functions start to blend into the background. Such a program can be made more readable if we have a larger unit of organization. Modules divide programs into clusters of code that, by some criterion, belong together. Eloquent Javascript The Module Pattern is a great »