Release: Cloudoki Guardian

As extension to the Oauth2 Stack, Guardian provides internal Authorisation scopes for Laravel. This package is usable in multiple Laravel versions. Right now, however, the Guardian package is only tested in Laravel 4.2 with Eloquent. Guardian is available on Github and as Packagist requirement: "cloudoki/guardian": "master-dev" Dependencies Oauth2-Stack - Guardian uses the Account and User models next to the Oauth2Verifier class. Except-io-nal - The Cloudoki PHP Exception extensions are used to throw manageable errors when authorisations are not valid. Usage Oauth2 Stack Please dig into the Oauth2 Stack documentation before implementing Guardian. Access Token The access token is »

A Simple Autistic SQL trick

Ever had that sickening feeling that after a Database efficiency cleanup, your ID's are no longer in line with the actual amount of records? Congratulations, you have autistic tendencies! (We have a club) Set @a = 0; update tablename set id=@a:=@a+1 order by id asc; The above will give you a warm and soothing feeling inside. »

Release: Oauth2 Stack

Oauth2 Stack Cloudoki just released a brand new package, all MIT. With the Oauth2 Stack one can integrate the complete Open Authentication 2.0 flow in a single require. The package includes DB migration files, the Oauth2 Server, Account/User models and all the required web and e-mail views. The goal of this package is to split it up in multiple Framework Branches. Right now, however, the Oauth2-Stack package is focussed on Laravel 4.2 with Eloquent in MQ alignment (3-layer environment). Oauth2-Stack is available on Github and as Packagist requirement: "cloudoki/oauth2-stack": "master-dev" Dependencies Oauth2 Server - The Oauth2 »

Use Lumen as API Framework

Disclaimer: we at Cloudoki think profoundly API-centric. The API is what defines your project. By upgrading the API to the center piece of your application environment, you by definition improve on security, scalability, extensibility and documentary. That being stipulated, let's. RESTful API A RESTful API (Representational State Transfer based Application Programming Interface) is mainly a general category describing a HTTP based CRUD (GET, POST, PUT/PATCH, DELETE) method interface. The sweet side of an API is the containable authentication environment and a maintainable routes/endpoints based documentation overview. And it lives by a set of simple, object oriented rules. As »

Nginx Configuration

We love Nginx, if only for it's small footprint. It became our HTTP server of choice, even for light CDN web apps or Wordpress and Ghost websites. As with every http server flavour, Nginx has its on set of quirks. After years of .htaccess hacking, we're sure you'll find some use in the latter tricks and modifications. Since you might want your local environment on the same http server as your webserver, we've created 2 articles, as much mutual aligned as possible. Nginx on OSX Nginx on Linux OSX Notes Set your custom local url It’s very simple to »