RethinkDB: first things first

Recently in a new project, one of the project members encouraged me to use RethinkDB, saying that it could be the key solution, mainly because it has a feature called “change feeds”. However I’m very used to using MongoDB for projects that are crucially dependent on denormalized data. Being a bit of a stubborn person, I had my doubts, but decided to give it a try (at least it would be a new toy). RethinkDB is a fully JSON compliant database engine, instead of the BSON format that is used in MongoDB. This could be an advantage because properties »

SEO essentials

There are thousand of websites and web applications that are never found in the search engines results, or are just bad ranked. Beautiful websites and useful information are lost in the interspace and we never reach them just because the authors don’t read the f* manual. Actually there is a manual that helps me every time I need to optimize search engine. However there are a few basic and essential rules which we need to focus on. The mandatory rules and tags Make sure you do the site sectioning and the URL’s representative of what will be (in »