Why move away from Backbone and into React and Angular2?

Dear Backbone, it's not you...it's us. We still love you. by Cloudoki team The environment Here at Cloudoki we take pride in trying to work with as many technologies and frameworks possible. So much that we even have that guy, that usually gets all the tricky projects (shout out to Delio, the Hero). All fun and games, really. Despite having a curious and naturally dynamic team, we still rely on some good "old" reliable pieces of code and frameworks to get some things going, like Backbone. Let me just stop here and say something. It's not that Backbone is »

#HackFridays - The gist

Here at cloudoki we strongly believe in the added value that comes from giving everybody the tools and means to release their creativity and curiosity, while learning from it. Hacking your way through some idea is a perfect way to pick your brain, in a fast paced chaotic and fun environment. For these reasons, and much more, the Cloudoki team gets together every Friday and rejoices with it's own HackFriday. Project ideas Hack projects can take many shapes and forms, really. Our M.O. regarding ideas is as simple as having a running poll of ideas where anyone, anytime and »

# 3, 2, 1 Hack!

The Cloudoki team had a chance to participate in the Hack for Good 30 hour hackathon, in good'ol Lisbon. This year's edition challenged developers and other eager minds to come up with viable solutions to improve our Senior citizens's way of life, on different levels. It's very important to come up with a decent plan of attack since time was of the essence. Here is what we did: 1. Brainstorm your project Typically hackathons are all about brain picking, which basically means that most of the creative process will happen during the hackathon itself. That's part of the fun. While »

Why we code like it's our last day on the job

Everyone (ok, every developer) has had that first day on a running project and has gotten excited about diving into that fresh code, eager to leave his mark and contribution on it, only to get hopelessly frustrated and lost trying to figure out exactly what and where is everything. That is the "joy" of working with legacy code. Most of the times it's not that the previous developers didn't know how to code. You may even have a perfectly functional platform, proving someone did know what they were doing, for the user or client, that is. That is why we »

Extending backbone's requests with custom headers

We have all but love for backbone around here. But although it's pretty flexible and complete, sometimes you just need that something that doesn't quite work the way you need, like adding custom headers to every single request. You could be tempted to add a sync function on every model and collection and add your custom headers there, but besides multiplying your code many times, if your project is going on for more than a few weeks you might have some serious copy pasting to do. There is a simpler, easier and prettier way of adding for example, a bearer »