Backbone App - End to End: Connecting to an external API

This article is the third article in the Backbone App - End to End series. In the previous article we created a basic design pattern to structure your backbone app. In this article we shall hook our previous work with a live external API that contains movie data, and we will hook it up with our search page. Right now you should have: Movie Model: MovieApp.Models.Movies = Backbone.Model.extend({ initialize: function(options) {}, }); Movie Collection: var Movies = Backbone.Collection.extend({ initialize: function(options) {} }); Movie, home and search page Views: MovieApp.Views.MovieView = Backbone.View.extend({ initialize: function(options) {} }); MovieApp. »

Creating a Lumen Package

Lumen packages are a great way to incorporate some pre-made functionality into your app. They work just like Laravel packages, but when creating one for Lumen, one needs to change a couple things to make it work. Luckily it's quite simple to update a package to be used between Laravel and Lumen. Here we'll create a Lumen package from scratch. The package will have a very simple service to request posts from some Instagram tag. If you're unfamiliar with connecting applications to Instagram, or with Lumen/Laravel in general, you might want to get up to par on that before »

Backbone App - End to End: Basic design pattern

In this article we apply the Model, Collection and View logic from the previous article on Backbone.js basics to an actual useable design pattern. It's a rather simple one but versatile enough to implement a SPA that connects to the IMDB's external API. From the previous article, one thing that jumps into mind is that if we keep adding logic to the index.html file, before we get anything remotely decent going on, we will have hundreds of lines of code straight, with no organization whatsoever. Sounds like a legacy nightmare. We shall fix that. Create the folder structure »

Backbone App - End to End: The basics

In this series I'm going to build a very simple but broad single-page app (SPA), to connect to the IMDB public API and retrieve things, using backbone. If you ever get lost, it means I'm not doing a good job, so I would love to hear any feedback. What is backbone.js? Backbone.js is a lightweight strictly front-end framework, that makes the fear of working with frameworks go away. Even though it's quite simple and straight forward, especially when comparing with other frameworks like AngularJS or Ember.js, it's always an awesome choice even when working on complex single-page »

So you want to make a ghost theme? Introducing casperStarter & ghostSheet

There comes a time in every developer's life, when fiddling with anything that has a /themes folder, where you feel the urge to create your own theme. It's only logical. It's all very exciting and new but, sometimes the first steps are not very clear and you feel like you are hacking your way through things. It's not that those steps are complicated (ghost is the opposite of complicated), you simply may just not have a global view of the theming process yet. Inspired by that (and by the undeniable urge to create my own ghost theme!), I've created a »