Angular 2 First Steps

All the examples in this blog post are using TypeScript, since Angular 2 recommends to use it. We will try to keep this post as up to date as possible. In order to get started please follow the quickstart example provided in the official angular docs, as it's up to date with all the things you need. Building a Top-Level Component Every Angular app has at least one root component, conventionally named AppComponent, that hosts the client user experience. Components are the basic building blocks of Angular applications. A component controls a portion of the screen — a view — through its »

Basic blog structure in Laravel & AngularJS

We're going to implement a simple base structure for a web blog, using Laravel as the backend part and AngularJS as the frontend. The main goal of this article is to setup a basic communication structure between a frontend and a backend framework, with everything in it's place. About Laravel Laravel is awesome. There, I said it. I tend not to get over excited with most of the backend tinkering work I do, probably because I spent a few years dealing with some dark magic, but Laravel is refreshingly simple and straight to the point. Well done Sires. Laravel will »