Backbone App - End to End: The basics

In this series I'm going to build a very simple but broad single-page app (SPA), to connect to the IMDB public API and retrieve things, using backbone. If you ever get lost, it means I'm not doing a good job, so I would love to hear any feedback. What is backbone.js? Backbone.js is a lightweight strictly front-end framework, that makes the fear of working with frameworks go away. Even though it's quite simple and straight forward, especially when comparing with other frameworks like AngularJS or Ember.js, it's always an awesome choice even when working on complex single-page »

Create a Frontend App in Backbone

We’ll be making a Superadmin Account Manager as P.O.C. frontend app. The goal of this application is to manage our accounts and users. This post will cover the basic setup of the frontend logic, based on Node.js, Bower, Grunt, Backbone.js, Require.js and Bootstrap. While this article's value is in the team approach (eg. Bower), the workflow is generally considered "best practice", even for solo projects. The main purpose of the Superadmin is to visualise users and accounts we're going to create later on in the API. Manage Packages The days where tuts had to »