So you want to make a ghost theme? Introducing casperStarter & ghostSheet

There comes a time in every developer's life, when fiddling with anything that has a /themes folder, where you feel the urge to create your own theme. It's only logical. It's all very exciting and new but, sometimes the first steps are not very clear and you feel like you are hacking your way through things. It's not that those steps are complicated (ghost is the opposite of complicated), you simply may just not have a global view of the theming process yet. Inspired by that (and by the undeniable urge to create my own ghost theme!), I've created a »

Using git to slowly release features

Git has become a must have when developing both simple and complex projects. It's definitely the way to go when it comes to maintaining code integrity between a team working on the same project, and it's also our very own ctrl+z tool. I'd say that it's indeed mostly used to easily store, update and distribute code between teams and projects, but in this article I'm going to address how git can be used to successfully manage a project's development (staging) and deployment structure. Basically, how you and your team can carry on developing and testing awesome features, and pushing »