#HackFridays - The gist

Here at cloudoki we strongly believe in the added value that comes from giving everybody the tools and means to release their creativity and curiosity, while learning from it. Hacking your way through some idea is a perfect way to pick your brain, in a fast paced chaotic and fun environment. For these reasons, and much more, the Cloudoki team gets together every Friday and rejoices with it's own HackFriday. Project ideas Hack projects can take many shapes and forms, really. Our M.O. regarding ideas is as simple as having a running poll of ideas where anyone, anytime and »

A UX Hackathon Guide

We had the pleaure of organising and participating in a hackathon weekend, aimed at improving the UX of Teamleader, a popular SAAS application for CRM, invoicing and project planning. Here's how we approached it, and what I learned. 1. Define your goals clearly. You need to have clear deliverables to work towards during the weekend. Make them as specific as possible, and have a workable scope. Narrow it down. For example: align team on next big UX leap build a responsive prototype as base for next version a) It makes sure you get stuff done b) Guards that you don't »