Sending Laravel Logs to Loggly

Loggly is a cloud-based log management tool that allows real-time scanning of your logs, making it easier to search through data. This is very useful when it comes to get the best out of your application. As stated in the Loggly page, the functionalities are endless: Monitoring operations Identifying root causes of operational issues Tuning performance Tracking down security issues Correlating technology performance with business performance And more So, as you can already tell, this is a very powerful way to fix issues on your application. But the great thing about Loggly is the aggregation, indexation and parsing of data »

The Rise of Middleware Companies

Use external services to build faster and cheaper. As we work with startups (being newly formed companies, or new ideas) all the time, we see a clear increase in so-called middleware-companies. Simply put: they have a business idea, and connect existing technology to make it work. Middleware connects these pieces. Middleware is sometimes called plumbing because it connects two sides of an application and passes data between them. Main advantages: Take advantage of huge amounts of R&D, that they couldn't possibly afford themselves Swap out what can be improved, or doesn't work as expected Need video conferencing? Embed »

Creating a Lumen Package

Lumen packages are a great way to incorporate some pre-made functionality into your app. They work just like Laravel packages, but when creating one for Lumen, one needs to change a couple things to make it work. Luckily it's quite simple to update a package to be used between Laravel and Lumen. Here we'll create a Lumen package from scratch. The package will have a very simple service to request posts from some Instagram tag. If you're unfamiliar with connecting applications to Instagram, or with Lumen/Laravel in general, you might want to get up to par on that before »

Use Lumen as API Framework

Disclaimer: we at Cloudoki think profoundly API-centric. The API is what defines your project. By upgrading the API to the center piece of your application environment, you by definition improve on security, scalability, extensibility and documentary. That being stipulated, let's. RESTful API A RESTful API (Representational State Transfer based Application Programming Interface) is mainly a general category describing a HTTP based CRUD (GET, POST, PUT/PATCH, DELETE) method interface. The sweet side of an API is the containable authentication environment and a maintainable routes/endpoints based documentation overview. And it lives by a set of simple, object oriented rules. As »

Basic blog structure in Laravel & AngularJS

We're going to implement a simple base structure for a web blog, using Laravel as the backend part and AngularJS as the frontend. The main goal of this article is to setup a basic communication structure between a frontend and a backend framework, with everything in it's place. About Laravel Laravel is awesome. There, I said it. I tend not to get over excited with most of the backend tinkering work I do, probably because I spent a few years dealing with some dark magic, but Laravel is refreshingly simple and straight to the point. Well done Sires. Laravel will »