Creating a Lumen Package

Lumen packages are a great way to incorporate some pre-made functionality into your app. They work just like Laravel packages, but when creating one for Lumen, one needs to change a couple things to make it work. Luckily it's quite simple to update a package to be used between Laravel and Lumen. Here we'll create a Lumen package from scratch. The package will have a very simple service to request posts from some Instagram tag. If you're unfamiliar with connecting applications to Instagram, or with Lumen/Laravel in general, you might want to get up to par on that before »

Use Lumen as API Framework

Disclaimer: we at Cloudoki think profoundly API-centric. The API is what defines your project. By upgrading the API to the center piece of your application environment, you by definition improve on security, scalability, extensibility and documentary. That being stipulated, let's. RESTful API A RESTful API (Representational State Transfer based Application Programming Interface) is mainly a general category describing a HTTP based CRUD (GET, POST, PUT/PATCH, DELETE) method interface. The sweet side of an API is the containable authentication environment and a maintainable routes/endpoints based documentation overview. And it lives by a set of simple, object oriented rules. As »

Set up your Local Battleground

There is no such thing as always online. As any seasoned developer will second, domesticated or not, you need a local environment to develop. The bigger and more versatile your involvement in team-based projects, the safer you'll feel with your own little corner where you can trail and error without hordes of angry Mongols on horses boo-ing you. With *nix as the dominant webserver flavouring, we're going to assume you own a Mac. An Ubuntu VM (set up) is highly advised if you are stuck with a Windows machine. Choose your pick, based on the projects you're planning to explore. »