We're starting this new blog series to share our experience with agile sprints and product ownership. Open for collaboration*.

Hi, my name is Koen. For years, I've enjoyed the pleasure of having impact as a stage manager and product owner. Both in retrospect and by current day experience, I have come to believe that exactly that - the feeling of having impact - is what makes a team thrive.
In a humble attempt to uplift my team members by subtly praising their value, I've invested some time in writing down my personal journey through a sprint. Here's me hoping this will inspire some colleagues to do the same. With a bit of luck we might end up with a holostic team journey.

the feeling of having impact is what makes a team thrive.

With Cloudoki we've been involved in a multitude of product teams over the past 5 years. From most we learned a lot, and some benifited from our experience in return. This series documents for a wider audience what we have been promoting in those collaborations.

Stay tuned. For the next two months, we'll be releasing one article per week.

A day in the life of...

A toolbelt in the life of a Scrum Team

If you are setting up a new scrum team or are expanding an existing one, some parts of the process might seem daunting. No matter if you are a Scrum Master, Product owner or maybe Functional analyst, we're collecting our toolbelt to share with you as snapshot insight. If you have better experiences with alternative tools, don't feel discouraged and suggest them to us!

We maintain our scrum team toolbelt reference and repository at GitHub.

Toolbelt contents

Sprint tool of the day release profile highlights
Day 1 Monday The changelog Released Release Engineer
Day 2 Tuesday The technical roadmap Released PO
Day 3 Wednesday User stories Released Support
Day 4 Thursday Project management Tester
Day 5 Friday The flow diagram Sponsor and Functional Analyst
Day 6 Monday The release plan DevOps and TSM
Day 7 Tuesday Automated end-to-end testing Storyteller and Designer
Day 8 Wednesday The ceremonies runbook Scrum Master and Tech Lead
Day 9 Thursday The wireframes Architect
Day 10 Hackfriday CI/CD management Developers

Some rules of thumb

  • Best sprints have a 2 weeks length, so do CI up-cycles
  • Deployment from testing all to production takes 2 up-cycles
  • Business has responsibility over feature acceptance
  • Business has responsibility over hotfixes
  • Hotfixes can only be up-cycled 1 stage
  • Critical bugs are no hotfixes, they are critical bugs
  • An PO mostly doesn't live in the current sprint


(*) We would like to invite each member of any scrum team to document their sprint journey and share it with us.

Improvements and elaborations are tracked on GitHub. Please read our contribution guidelines before opening a new improvement request or submitting a reference.

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